A wonderful merge: kHAY mIN & mELOdy

13235338_10154156811837418_1403695515889779337_oIt’s a been awhile I have not posted anything. But, SOMETHING WONDERFUL needs to be recorded, in fact, it shall be etched on HOPE IPOH’s mind!  Our LOVELY brother KHAY MIN is married with his loved one, sis MELODY!  YEYYYY. One of the biggest and important events in HOPE IPOH where everyone especially the seniors had tried their very best to return for witnessing a wonderful merge of these two lovely people! I still remember the first time meeting Khay Min, it was 2 years back, he was appointed to be my third shepherd in HOPE CHURCH. I couldn’t deny that Khay mIN was a shepherd who never failed to set up a good example for the younger generation like me, when it comes to church cleaning and helping out the leaders in church. Honestly, we didn’t get to know each other very well due to his busyness in doing HIS FYPs. However, He never failed to show concerns towards me and other sheep. Khay Min once said that he wanted to get married as he loves kids. Yea, finally, the first step has come to the pass and i believe that God will grant him kids in near future. Besides, i truly believe KHay MIN will be a good husband and a  man who will be responsible for his wife and family. I am convicted in this as what i’d captured and seen in his life is responsibility and commitment.

Indeed I am very happy seeing all the people around, though it’s short, in this important occasion where laughter and random jokes never fail to reside among us. But, when everyone was heading to their respective places on that night after the feast, all of a sudden, i felt this frust and letdown in my heart. I really hope no one would have left, no one to whom i need to say goodbye. But, i know that, deep inside my heart, this is not from God. I should be happy for them. They have graduated and now they are about to start a new life as working adults, and be a blessing and do greater things for GOD! I know the no. of people has greatly reduced, and i’m not sure whether i’m ready to take up the leadership in Hope Ipoh, but GOD once again reminded me of one thing- BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO RISE UP AND STEP OUT FROM YOUR COMFORT ZONE TO FEED MY SHEEP. I know i can’t do all these with my own strength, but i need to depend on God HIMSELF. This is what I responded on that night, even before i came back from BP.

Anyway, i wanna wish all my bro n sis who have read this, all the best and May the favor of God be with you. Guard your heart and shine for HIM In your working life. May the LORD bring you all from glory to glory. Thank you for all these years, everything you all have contributed and sowed in HOPE IPOH. We’ve been made perfect and blessed by your life.




MAY 18 2016



Early Morning Blessing Goes Like…

What is the worst case scenario that could ever happened 2 hours before a FYP viva? YOU LOST THE SLIDES AND YOU THOUGHT YOU STILL HAVE IT.

Well funny how He makes me opened up my slides, re-read it again until I realized two of my result page slides is gone (not sure what happened though). And hualala i still manage to correct it on time. WHEEEEE

K bye going for the last stage of my FYP now! See you guys tonight for prayer and caroling!

Zhe Yin: The Best Gift Ever..

Admin’s note: For those who does know, sister Zhe Yin has already been Holy Spirit baptized on Saturday (yeayyy!! ❤ 😀 ❤ :D) And her testimony goes…

Today is the day of my baptism of Holy Spirit. And I really experienced God’s presence on this amazing day.

Starting from the morning, I was truly blessed that despite a week of decreasing water level in my car water tank, my car still managed to work loyally, allowing me to be able to go to work and back home without any problem. Because of a sudden idea, I decided to take a tour to Bercham on Thursday evening to look for a possible car repair shop. Being lead to the only few remaining shop which was still opened around 5 to 6 something in the evening, I ended up stopping in front of one and request service from a creditable shop operated by two brothers for more than thirty years. And that allowed me to be able to send my car for service in early morning today, and if possible, to attend the mission support team in UTP.

The two uncles from the shop were very friendly to talk to me, asking about my work and hometown. And better, to introduce me some of the good food around Bercham. In spite of scaring the risk of being cheated, I decided to trust on the final price offer by the uncle regarding the replacement of radiator cover. So far, the car seems working fine but I shall see the water tank level tomorrow morning again before work.

Coming back for lunch, thank God that my housemate was having good mood to cook lunch for us. And we had a hearty lunch together. Feeling obligation to help tidying up after all the cooking she did, I helped in the dishes before coming out. The time was being a bit in rush that I only managed to come out to meet Brother Chee Lim them at 2.15pm when our meeting time is actually 2.30pm!

And all the challenges sent by Satans came whipping me along my way to meet Brother Chee Lim. Firstly, the GPS kept calling off on me, not being able to sense my location. It means leaving a directionless me while keeping a hand on wheel, the other hand was frantically hurling my phone and swiping on the screen to restart my GPS. Not a good example on road safety I know. When the GPS eventually functioned, it was already almost 2.30pm. Along the roads, traffic lights and cars were not helping much. I remembered having the feeling of giving up and just telling Brother CheeLim to go separately while I was waiting for traffic light. So I texted him that I still need ten more minutes to reach. But, the reply from him, “We wait for you” secured me. Next challenge came when I got lost in the neighbourhood, not knowing where I had ended in. Phoned Brother CheeLim in panic and got the meet up place changed to Station 18 Macdonald. Still took a few more minutes to meet up but praise to the Lord, they did not even show any impatience or upset because of my lateness. Sorry and thank you for not being angry at me TT

In order to catch up the time I lost, Brother Chee Lim flied along the highway straight to UTP. This time, really thank God that not much cars were on the road. We managed to find a visitor lounge to gather and started our prayers. The opening part was like usual praise and worship, but the prayer drive? Well, that was my  another first time experience. So, we pray while we are riding along the Tronoh road in town? I was not really sure what we were supposed to do during the ride, but really thank God that we have Sister Jessie, Brother CheeLim and Sister YenPing to lead the prayers. I confessed that I cannot pray in tongue yet when Sister Jessie suggested to pray in tongue. During the car ride, I was amazed that God seems to gift me the chance of experiencing the gift of speaking in tongue when I was praying along with Sister YenPing sitting beside. I was still being quite wary that time, fearing that it was my pure imagination. And out of sudden, a question asked whether I want to be baptized in Holy Spirits. I did think about this previously, and I really want to get close to God. So I accepted the idea.

Back to the visitor lounge, they decided to pray and baptize Brother SengKeat and me with Holy Spirits. Firstly was me. Brothers and sisters were holding on my shoulders and hands, speaking in tongues. I felt comforted and touched. Tears were flowing across my cheeks but I did not know what I should do. Sister Jessie whispered to me to just relax and let my tongue speak. And I just spoke in tongue! The gift that I have always wanted to experienced myself, it is happening right now! I was later being asked directly by Brother CheeLim to pray for Brother SengKeat baptism with Holy Spirit as well, starting my practice of praying in tongue.

I believed that speaking in tongue is the most direct language that we are able to speak our souls to our Creator, it helps us to speak out our innermost heart desire and feelings to Him even though our own words cannot express it. And I hope that Brother SengKeat continue to put faith and trust in You Lord. Help him and lead his way towards the great plan that You have for him and help him to be able to discover the gifts that You have blessed him with. There were a lot of sharing and words You have inspired us and let us bring home to be thought more. I pray that Lord, You will be able to guide us and give us hints to match all the missing puzzle pieces together to fit into a big picture of Your great plan Lord. Amen.